About André Tours

About André Tours

Founded in 1995, André Tours made its place in the market as an Incoming (Inbound Tourism) agency. Its "Tailor-Made" philosophy continues to exist to this day, with its pillar clearly based on all customers and business partners.

With this aspect of tourist operations as its foundation, its branch in the Algarve was established in 2002 and since that time has focused on expanding its activity to also include Outgoing (Outbound Tourism).

Although its focus has always been on local needs since its inception, in a bid to expand, develop and make its offer more competitive, André Tours opened a branch on 1 August 2018 in Funchal, capital of the Madeira archipelago.

André Tours has experienced staff who are able to deliver and meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers hailing from all parts of the world. Its appeal relies on a varied offer, ranging from theme-based tours, holiday packages, technical visits and incentive travel, to accommodation bookings, transfers and/or entertainment, always bearing in mind the needs and specific demands of each customer.

Nothing is left to chance; all details are carefully considered.


Message from our CEO

Dear Partners, Clients and Friends,

We would like to leave a word of appreciation for the support given by all during this journey that started in 1995.

During these past years, and with your help and care, we were allowed to develop our skills and grow in our expertise, overcoming at the same time numerous setbacks and adverse business setting that has been happening in the world.

Several things have changed in the last two decades, influencing consuming behaviours and attitudes in the Global Society that we now find ourselves in. It was thanks to you that we managed to grasp the motivation and strength necessaries to make the best of our work and to reach our goals, always with the quality and dedication that we have made our own.

We will continue in this path, trusting that we can count with at all times whilst assuring you of our availability to support your travelling project, either for leisure, business or any other motivation you might think of.

Thanks for all your cooperation.

Eugénio André,
General Manager

Member of

  • Turismo de Portugal
  • Apavt
  • Agência de Viagens Independentes
  • IATA
  • Turismo de Lisboa
  • Associação de Turismo do Algarve
  • Rota Vicentina
  • Sustour
  • Provedor do Cliente


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