On this page, you can find some brief descriptions and videos introducing the most popular regions of our country. From the North, to the Central region, through Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve, to the Azores and Madeira archipelagos.

Find out a bit more about the best that each region of Portugal has to offer in its tourism scene.


Known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, Madeira is located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 900 km from mainland Portugal and about 600 km from Morocco. It is Europe's outpost in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is formed not only by the inhabited islands, which are Madeira (the largest) and Porto Santo, but also by two small groups of uninhabited islands, called Desertas and Selvagens (Deserted and Savage).

The island is famous for its Madeira wine, talented embroiderers, “bolo de mel” (honey cake), exotic flowers and fruit and spectacular year-end fireworks display (which the Guinness Book of Records considers the largest show in the world). If we add to all this a balmy climate, it is easy to understand why “Paradise Island” has become one of the favourite holiday destinations of the “old world”.

The famous Flower Festival is also a cultural event. Tradition is a significant aspect of this festival, marked both by the performance of folk groups and by the creation of beautiful floral carpets.

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